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TheFaded. - Pushing Weight EP

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Uploaded 02/18/2013
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thefaded. is the aftermath of producer/beatmaker Afekz who first found popularity in the LA/Low End beat scene in early 2007. While working under the name Afekz from 2004 to 2010 he garnered quite a following for soulful Dilla-esque hip hop beats and his use of interpolation with synthetic sounds. However, in 2010 while in preliminary stages of beginning to work with an Alpha Pup Record deal, Afekz decided to take things in a different direction and re-birthed himself as thefaded. thefaded.'s first official single I Don't Think You Do released in 2011 and received critical acclaim. January 2012 saw thefaded.'s first official release with "Echoes of Silence (thefaded. Remixes)." The Weeknd's 3rd mixtape remixed in its entirety brought him an entire new scene of fans and introduced the style thefaded. has become known for. In 2012 thefaded. released 5 separate projects and a total of 116 tracks. His most popular release, Ignorant EP, placed him alongside producers riding the quickly rising "EDM Trap" wave and garnered him much critical acclaim for his productions.

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4:41 AM March 20, 2013 EddyThizzle said:

thefaded. + medical cannabis = Good trip!
6:44 AM March 6, 2013 psyterror said:

kool taf ****
6:17 PM February 28, 2013 chriss562 said:

.came for the cover
8:46 PM February 24, 2013 Dtownmonsta313 via Mobile:

Vibing to dis
4:39 PM February 24, 2013 lorenzocleveland said:

good **** real talk
12:57 AM February 22, 2013 kamadef said:

killed it #7...
3:20 PM February 21, 2013 HyJax said:

heavy stuff
10:52 PM February 20, 2013 BeautifulSavaage_ said:

jessica's interlude