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Gutter Brothers - Kiss Me Im Gutter

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Uploaded 02/15/2013
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Since forming in October, the LA-based Gutter Brothers have been making waves in the Trap scene with their unique spin on the exploding genre. A steady flow of new original mixes and bass heavy remixes along with banging DJ sets have helped the Gutter Brothers attract a loyal following in Los Angeles, a central hub for the new Trap renaissance. The three-man group has been receiving support from major blogs and local artists, and has an album set to release February 14th on

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1:17 PM March 11, 2013 Yaleaboss said:

Gutter Brothers Goes Hard
5:14 PM March 1, 2013 Compl3x said:

That Jaw Dropper Remix goes hard.
10:44 PM February 21, 2013 DertyJD said:

**** THe Hater FLAMES!!! I"M DiFFereNt!!
3:28 PM February 21, 2013 HyJax said:

Bringing the heat
10:16 PM February 20, 2013 dhiggin1 said:

how you say trendsetters with out so many haters.. this **** is hot
4:55 AM February 18, 2013 qdqd said:

The whole ep goes so hard! Great job, almost every tune is bangin
11:53 PM February 17, 2013 tillamonsta said:

9:51 AM February 17, 2013 YourUndaCovaLuva said:

lol you wackjob