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The Klasix - Oh God

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Uploaded 12/27/2012
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The Klasix are a record production duo consisting of "Dae" and "Black Mic" known for their soulful moody composition with Joe Buddens and Slaughterhouse or as the OGs of the Brick Bandits. These amazing producers hailing from Newark, NJ have such a diverse and refreshing vision of music, that it's almost criminal that you haven't heard more from them before. But Now, The Klasix are announcing the release of their new EP entitled OH GOD. This release begins a series of instrumental works merging electro, soul, pop, & whatever else they can find to bring you their classic sound that you'll fall in love with.

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1:01 AM January 7, 2013 maser said:

lluminati as ****kkkkkkkkk
1:02 AM January 3, 2013 itzj1 said:

"Don't Break Me"........Respect.
4:00 PM January 2, 2013 jeffbell said:

dese beats too dam simple sounds like yall made this **** on a ipod touch
2:49 PM December 28, 2012 pesh22 said:

6:26 AM December 28, 2012 32dboi via Mobile:

11:10 PM December 27, 2012 alphonsohutton said:

These are my dudes! They work with my boys from Kansas. Word up Fellas!
5:33 PM December 27, 2012 gq4life42301 said:

4:09 PM December 27, 2012 YourUndaCovaLuva said: