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Come Tess Me Da Trapstep Killa

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Uploaded 08/02/2012
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Kommotions style has changed with music. He grew up during a time when lyrical hip hop and other songs werenít just about ring tones. After moving back to Charlotte, he transitioned into spinning top 40 which quickly became boring pushing him to dig, find new remixes and ultimately begin to produce. To add to his musical depth, he gradually moved into electro as it grew bigger, and eventually fully embraced most forms of EDM, especially dubstep and all of the genres that have evolved from these styles. Dj Kommotion feels that music is organic, a living artistic portrayal of feeling from calm melodic melodies to hard bass driven music. Kommotion has held down residencies throughout the Carolinas and has spun at thousands of gigs to all types of audiences. He has developed skills from old school DJs on up to controller based DJing and production. He has attacked all aspects of audio and video and lives and loves music.

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4:32 PM August 25, 2012 light1 said:

actually dubstep is pretty easy to mix to me anyway @djsoden
7:34 PM August 14, 2012 williford11 said:

hahahahaha you straight up have my boy HODJ track on here!!! #ST.LOUIS
10:22 PM August 9, 2012 kkfurr said:

Awesome mix!!!!
9:13 PM August 8, 2012 djhusk said:

this **** hard as **** and i dont even **** with type of muzik hard *** samples

2:00 PM August 8, 2012 xtesssaaa said:

i loveeeeeeeeee this . !!!!!
9:09 PM August 7, 2012 YouHaveANiceRack said:

4:48 PM August 6, 2012 DRock_Hicks said:

i wish this **** wasnt 35 tracks lmao it takes so much to find the good songs but ill vote dat ***** up
4:13 PM August 6, 2012 garado said:

Got my vote